Getting started with the app


The Plan to Eat app is available for both iOS and Android through the app stores, but is still in development and lacks some of the basic functionality of the desktop version. If you are new to Plan to Eat (welcome!), we recommend that you get started on the Plan to Eat website.

If you have no recipes in your account you will not be able to see the recipe or planner sections in the app. You will only see your shopping list until recipes are added.

Currently, recipes can only be added to your account through the website and you will not be able to do much in the app until you have recipes in your account.

Once you are up and running with the Plan to Eat website, the app will be a useful tool for viewing recipes, making your meal plan, and working with your shopping list.

What you can do with the app:

  • View recipes and recipe details
  • Add recipes to the planner
  • Follow simplified step-by-step instructions in the recipe cooking view
  • Adjust the serving size of recipes to automatically scale ingredients
  • Search your recipes
  • Add recipes, notes, or ingredients to the planner
  • Automatically create your grocery list based on the recipes that you've planned
  • View, edit, and cross items off of your shopping list as you shop
  • Manually add items to your shopping list
  • Customize your grocery stores and categories to how you shop
  • View your shopping list in metric (if that's your thing)
  • Use the Staples List to remember other items that you may need

We are excited, and working hard, to bring all of the functionality of the Plan to Eat website into the app! Over the coming months we'll keep you posted as updates are made.