Using Plan to Eat on a Mobile Device

The Plan to Eat mobile website, works on every device (iPhone, Android, Windows, etc.) through a browser, requires no installation, and is always up to date. Visit from your mobile browser.

If you aren’t logged in, click the login button and enter your Plan to Eat account information. Once you are logged in, your device will keep you logged in so that you only have to do this step once (just like an app).

Shopping List

Once logged in to the mobile site you will be taken directly into your shopping list, which is designed to make it easy for you to gather your groceries. As you add items to your cart, simply check them off of the list and your list will update. You can choose to Hide the Checked Items so that they disappear from your list...

...Or you can have them display as crossed out text so that you know what is in the cart.

You can easily view your shopping list based on particular date ranges

Mobile Recipe Book

If, while at the store, you realize you forgot to put a recipe into your planner, you can click on the Cook section of the mobile site to see your recipes.

Find the Add to Shopping List button, and voila! That recipe, with all of its ingredients, are now on your shopping list so that you can get what you need, on this trip, while you are out.

Meal Planner

The Planning section of the mobile website allows you to see what is scheduled for certain days. Use the arrow keys to toggle between days to see the meals planned.

Add to Homescreen

If the reason you’ve been wishing for an app is to get the convenience of an icon on your homescreen, lo and behold, you can do that! While visiting the mobile site click the “send to” icon at the bottom of the screen

This will bring up the following options:

Click the Add to Home Screen button, and there you have it — your very own icon that you can add to a folder, your home bar or wherever else you’d like it so that you can open Plan to Eat with just one click (just like an app)!

We love the mobile site because it’s always available, the software is always up to date, and it always has your latest menu planning information. Give it a try!

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