Advanced Recipe Search Functionality

Those of you who are “power users”, or just like to do things that are really complicated, may be interested to know that the search functionality in Plan to Eat includes some advanced search options.

Using the OR operator to search for multiple keywords

When you search for something like "almond apple chicken" in the search bar, we will look for recipes that include ALL of the keywords "almond", "apple" and "chicken" because spaces are automatically treated as the AND operator behind the scenes.

If you are looking for a listing of recipes that contain the words "almond", "apple", OR "chicken" in any part of the recipe you can use the vertical bar character like this: almond | apple | chicken. The search results will show you recipes that have the word "almond", "apple", or "chicken" in any part of the recipe's title, course, cuisine, main ingredient, ingredients, login, url host, source, description, and tags.

Search on specific recipe criteria

If you want to only search for the ingredients you can do it like this:

(@ingredient_titles almond | apple | chicken)

This will return recipes with ingredients that include any of the words "almond", "apple", or "chicken". This would include ingredients like "almonds", "apple sauce" or "chicken breast". This is part of the technique we implement when you use the With Ingredients search feature.

This option can be particularly useful if you are wanting to search for more than one criteria already available in the filters. For example, if you want to search for recipes with multiple tags, instead of just selecting one tag in the tags filter menu, you could search for

(@tag_titles quick | soup | chicken)

to find recipes with ANY of those tags.

Search for multiple criteria

You can use this same approach to search for multiple criteria. For example:

(@tag_titles quick | soup | chicken) (@title apple)

will give you recipes with the word "apple" in the title AND any of the tags from the last example.

You can also search on multiple criteria using the same list of keywords like this:

((@tag_titles,@ingredient_titles) almond | apple | chicken)

Note the use of parentheses to group the criteria and list of keywords.

Criteria that you can search for


Using the NOT operator

You can use a NOT operator by adding a ! before the keyword or group of keywords. So...

__ALL__ !(@tag_titles quick | soup | chicken)

would give you everything that does NOT have the tags quick, soup, or chicken.

NOTE: the special __ALL__ keyword is needed if you only use one NOT search. This is because it needs to search for everything first, then remove recipes with any of those tags.

For everyone else

And if you looking for something much easier, most of these search parameters and filters can be accomplished using the built in filters and searches that are already available in the Recipes section.

Search options on recipes.